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Did you know that April is also the designated month of stress awareness? Maybe it is due to tax season typically ending in April. Perhaps it is because corporations generally are publishing first-quarter numbers in April that usually drive the stock market. Or it could be influenced by the number of New Yearโ€™s resolutions that are being dropped around this time. Regardless of the reason, acknowledging that stress management is essential and deserves national recognition is a purpose.

You may have heard a buzz phrase during the past couple of years come up on tv, in podcasts, and through social media. That buzz phrase is self-care. You may have heard different activities listed as self-care. Instead, let us define what self-care should be, or even better, what it is not. Self-care is not focused on self-improvement. Self-care deals with knowing and acknowledging your limits. Healthy habits define Self-care. Self-care is finding ways to decompress from the stress of the day healthily.

Over the past year, self-care has become essential for many reasons. However, the trend for self-care has been to numb the brain with social media, tv binging, and the creation of multiple resolutions that people put off previously. These activities are not self-care. These activities in excess can lead to more stress.

Below are several ideas for self-care that can lead to the reduction of stress and the improvement of oneโ€™s mind and body:

  1. Getting enough sleep according to your bodyโ€™s demand.

  2. Developing different activities that allow the brain a pause.

  3. Creating healthy boundaries with people.

  4. Eating a healthy and balanced diet.

  5. Getting to know yourself better.

Working through just these top 5 ideas can take a while. However, taking the time to identify what works well for YOU is the most crucial part. A therapist can help you identify what steps you should take to meet your goals for self-care and to help guide clients through the process of knowing themselves better.

Blog written by :

Yvonne King, Intern MFT

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