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Many of us have been living within the pandemic for more than a year now. The sudden change to socialization, work, and healthcare has been drastic. However, now is the time to have hope. April, being the dynamic month that it is, is also the National Month of Hope. Hope is one of the building blocks to resiliency and success. However, when times are difficult it is often hard to find and build upon hope.

The feelings that have been experienced during this pandemic have been vast and sometimes dark. However, it is more important now than ever before in our lives to find hope. What is hope? Hope is the thought or expectation that something good is still to come. It is the internal knowledge that something positive will happen in the future. Hope is forward-thinking in the present. Most importantly, hope is a conscious choice one must make.

There are several ways to build and instill hope:

  1. Engage in spiritual practices that are important to you;

  2. Be intentional about your future and make plans;

  3. Help others;

  4. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit;

  5. Stay in communication with people you care about most;

  6. Read something inspirational;

  7. Ask for help.

If you need assistance building a resilient life and finding hope, reach out to a local therapist, such as the group of White Diamond Counseling, Consulting, and Coaching.

Blog written by :

Yvonne King, Intern MFT

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