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Does Mental Health Have An Impact On Safety?

Mental health is as important as physical health, which is a huge factor when

considering workplace health and safety. Therefore, occupation acknowledgment, respect and treatment of mental illnesses should be a top priority of employers.

Mental health can have a significant impact on individual’s professional performance. Some disorders that impact daily quality of life and safety of individuals include anxiety, depression and ADHD. Employees dealing with these types of disorders may struggle

concentrating on tasks and therefore potentially cause safety issues.

A part of safety in the workplace is ensuring each employee feels safe enough to express their needs and when they need help. Today, there’s a growing awareness that mental health is just as critical as the physical health and safety of your workers. An effective workplace is exemplified by the quality of the employee’s work life, which can only be achieved when mental health is not only acknowledged but also treated.

The Supreme Court has ruled that an employer can be held accountable for causing a legitimate personal injury, whether physical or mental, if they’re found guilty of neglecting the physical and mental health and safety of their workforce.

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