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Men's Health (MENtal Health is important!)

Although women are more likely to seek treatment for mental health issues, men have a higher rate of suicide deaths than women. Men die by suicide at a rate four times higher than women. Mental health among men often goes untreated due to them being less likely to seek mental health treatment as compared to women. According to research, males are less likely to seek help and more likely than women to turn to dangerous, unhealthy behaviors.

Similar to other health issues, the earlier a mental disorder is treated, the more effective it can be. Stigma is prevalent in the case of men and their seeking mental health support. It can be experienced ins a variety of forms including social/public (others negative view mental health), self-stigma (person feeling shame about their mental health), professional stigma (the assumption that health professionals transfer and reinforce stigmatization of their client), and cultural stigma (ways that individual cultures see mental illness).  One of the factors that contributes to the underuse of seeking professional help is masculinity norms which are literally killing them.

Toxic masculinity is portrayed by restricted behaviors (i.e., crying, fear) based on gender roles

that magnify existing power structures that favor the dominance of men. 

Adherence to these types of masculine norms may lead to:

  • Increased depression and anxiety

  • Substance abuse

  • Higher health risk such as cardiovascular disease

  • Dating and interpersonal intimacy problems

  • Discouragement in seeking help

  • Homophobia

  • Aggressive or angry behavior/moods

  • Significant and noticeable mood, energy or appetite changes

  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

  • Worrying a lot or increased stress levels

  • Engaging in activities that are considered high risk

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