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More than a New Year's Resolution: A New Commitment to Life Transformation.

The end of the year is approaching very fast, which means that, for many of us, it's the best time to look in the mirror and pay attention to what comes next.

Many people worldwide will be sitting down to list their goals; however, thousands of people will fail to achieve even a single one. The results of new year's resolutions can be spectacular, but it's a joke for those who are not aware of how to use them.

New year’s resolutions can significantly transform our lives as they are the specific and important goals we set for our lives. They are a way to keep us on track by providing us the direction and guidelines. Besides, new year resolutions help us to achieve true transformation and give us a sense of purpose in life. All of the above-mentioned things come from setting realistic resolutions about objects so that you can not only enjoy tackling them but also stick to and achieve them.

How to set and Achieve Goals?

Review your goals and objectives

It would help if you thought about how your 2020 went for you before thinking about the next year. This way of looking back into the last year enables us to work on the areas that need to be focused on. Furthermore, we can see our successful areas more clearly.

Think about all the struggles you experienced, the successes you achieved, the goals you reached, and more. This will allow you to take notice and be more confident in your ability to achieve new goals.

By completing these steps, you will be able to figure out what you really need to do this year to have a successful year.

Ensure that your goals are SMART

SMART goal setting is one of the most established and effective methods of setting goals. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time-bound. Let's discuss them in detail.

S: Specific

You really need to be clear about the things you want to achieve when make effective goals. This is why the main and first criteria for setting goals is that they should be very specific. Make sure that you are covering all the 'w' questions to make specific goals. For example, who, what, which, when, or why covering the following questions.

What are the main goals you want to achieve in 2021? What are the important steps you need to take to accomplish your objectives? Ask yourself the reasons why you want to achieve these goals in 2021?

These points will provide you with all the necessary details surrounding your goals.

M: Measurable

This point is necessary for knowing that you are on the right track or not.

Include specific metrics in your goals to control your progress in order to measure your efforts in achieving goals. When you have reached near the finish line, matrices provide you a strong indication. For example, your goal is to grow the email database by 20% for your company. You will know that this will be achieved by monthly targeted Instagram and targeted Linkedin campaigns.

A: Achievable

Are the goals that you have listed are achievable in reality?

At this point, it is important to know that your goals are actually achievable. It is the reality that no one wants to set such objectives in their lives that are impossible to achieve.

A goal is something that inspires us to achieve, not a source of discouragement. Therefore, give yourself a serious reality check during the goal-setting process.

R: Relevant/ Realistic

Is the goal worth it? Can you actually achieve your goals?

To set relevant goals, they are required to be according to your business or organization's culture and beliefs. In this step, you need to know the reasons for the importance of your goals for yourself or your business as a whole. For example, we know that growing more contacts in our customer database business boost or brand awareness. In this way, we get the opportunity to reach new potential clients.

T: Time-bound

It would be best if you asked this to yourself before setting goals. What's your Time frame for reaching your goals?

Write down the target date in front of each goal while setting your goals for 2021, as it is important to determine the completion and success of your goals. It creates a sense of urgency that will motivate you to get your required goals.

Therefore, carefully consider the deadlines of goals within the time frame when setting your goals. Break your goal into weekly or monthly installments if you think it's a long-term goal.

Write down your goals and objectives?

The next integral step in setting and achieving goals is to write them down. This step will enable you to remember your objectives' deadlines and achieve them on time. Writing down your goals will provide you a constant reminder and give you a clear record of your accomplishments.

According to a study, it is estimated that 42% of the participants are more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down first.

New year resolutions add a lot of valuable experience in our life when we get to know how to set and achieve them. Our self-esteem improves and gives us a sense of control by creating goals that are oriented to what we want to have and who we are.

Putting it all together…

Too many times goals are set at the beginning of the year that start phase out after just a few months. When you know how to create your goals for the new year, we have the greatest opportunity for great success. Whether it is personal or professional, any goal needs to be realistic and make good honest use our time and energy. We can create transformative goals by keeping them simple and focused.

Be honest with your goals, don't be a procrastinator, and break down each bigger goal into smaller ones to achieve them, successfully. You don't have to make any significant overhauls when it comes to your health and career goals.

If you need assistance with identifying your goals and making your vision a reality, see our Vision Goal Workbook.

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