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Not all scars are physical....

No one deserves to feel worthless. And this is precisely what bullying does; it makes the victim feel hopeless, saddened, rejected, abandoned, miserable, never good enough, depressed, anxious, suicidal……

Please join us as we bring awareness to bullying and its devastating effects, not just on physical health but more importantly mental health. We strive to enlist the help of more parents, teachers, school administrators, as well as fellow students to speak up and speak out! Bullying is an ongoing phenomenon occurring across various mediums, none of which are acceptable.

If you or someone you love is a victim of bullying, please speak up and seek professional counseling due to the ongoing psychological implications of bullying that can potentially remain hidden and manifest in unhealthy ways over the course of the victim’s entire life.

Some victims will grow up to be bullies themselves, can react toward others with unexplained hostility, bitterness, aggression, and anger, or attempt to overcompensate by overachieving to negate the insults imposed on one’s personality or physical traits.

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