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Spiral Up and Down

The ideal dream would be to see a hypnotist, still do what you normally do, and then get a different result. Sorry, but that's not the way hypnosis works. Hypnosis is effective, but it isn't magic.

Before one changes their behaviors, they must first change the amount of "Potential," they tap into... I firmly believe that we all have unlimited quantities of potential, but some of us never tap into that potential because of our "Beliefs." Our belief in our abilities is where it all begins. Ironically, beliefs are reinforced by our results. This produces a never-ending loop.

This is what I will refer to as the circle of life, but in actuality, it's not really a circle at all. It is more like a spiral, and that spiral would be either spinning upward taking you to greater levels of success and achievement, or it would be taking you down – down to lower levels of despair. There is no in-between. Your beliefs are either taking you up, or they are taking you down. The question is, which direction are you headed in life? And then, if you don't like the direction you are headed, how can you begin to reverse the process now, and head the direction you want?

Can you ever change the results in your life without first changing your behaviors? No.

Can we ever change our Behaviors until we first change the amount of Potential that we tap into? No,

What determines the amount of Potential we tap into? That's right, our Beliefs.

Now, here's the interesting question; Can we change our beliefs, regardless of what results

we have produced in the past? Absolutely! And that's where hypnosis works its magic.

Hypnosis is about having you consciously decide to change your thoughts, or what I have referred to as, your beliefs – Beliefs that support the results you want to have in your life.

If there are results in your life you want to change, then ask yourself what you believe about those results, which are probably self-perpetuating, and start from there. Start with your beliefs.

What would happen if, every day, you sat down, and consciously decided to choose the way you think about your day? What would happen if, every day, you sat down with yourself and consciously chose to create a set of beliefs that would support you in having a healthy relationship, a successful career, a body filled with energy? What would happen if you learned the skills today to communicate with your unconscious mind to ensure the future you wanted tomorrow?

Hypnotherapy is a tool to help you to that

You have a choice. You can decide to create a different or better future than you are on track for today. Contact me and let me tell you how.

The blog is written by :

Aloha McGregor, APC, CCHt, NCC

Therapist & Assistant Clinical Director

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