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Using new skills & hobbies to enhance mental health

Can hobbies really make me feel better?

It is a scientific fact that learning new a skill or pursuing a new hobby will promote the mental wellbeing of a person. When the brain is activated by learning something new, like a hobby it boost the brain functions effectively that can help accomplish goals in life. Another thing is that they contribute to increases in self-confidence and self-esteem levels significantly. Moreover, they result in more advantages enabling people to stay active for hours in a day.

Benefits of learning new skills or pursuing a new hobby

1. Encourages social interaction

Learning or pursuing a new hobby provides opportunities for being with others that can encourage social interaction. Apart from that, it allows new relationships to develop with others which ultimately help focus more on the objectives.

2. Gives a sense of hope and purpose

Learning new skills and gaining new knowledge gives a person a sense of hope to a large extent. Having new experiences provides a person with opportunities to work towards a goal. Besides that, it increases the sense of wellbeing effectively thereby showing ways to plan everything according to needs.

3. Reduces stress

One of the primary advantages of learning a new skill or developing a hobby is that it helps to reduce the stress levels. In other words, it calms down the mind from tension and other issues allowing a person to concentrate on day-to-day activities accordingly.

4. Creativity boosts wellbeing

Engaging in hobbies such as singing, cooking, knitting, writing, and visual arts enables a person to enhance his/her creativity. Studies reveal that such activities will boost the brain function by expanding the neural connections and releasing dopamine hormones. The creative abilities play an important role in making a person feel more confident while performing certain works.

5. Lowers boredom

The human brain will get stuck due to routine work that can result in mental issues. Hence, learning a new skill or developing a hobby will help lower the boredom of a person. It even reduces the anxiety and depression caused by boredom.

6. Increases problem-solving skills

There are many people who face problems in their life due to various factors. Learning a new skill or hobby will help increase problem-solving abilities of a person by inducing the brain functions. It even provides ways to enhance the memory levels and other qualities that can help avoid unwanted issues.

I want to challenge you to identify a new hobby over the next few weeks. Hobbies don't have to be expensive or complicated. Coaching can be provided to assist you with identifying purposeful and fulfilling hobbies.

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