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Empower Your Entrepreneur Journey
$he.E.O. Retreat 2024

Transform your business goals in a Focused Beachside Haven! 
Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to break through barriers and achieve your business dreams? The $he.E.O. Retreat is designed just for you. Join us for an immersive experience where you can work on your business goals in an undistracted environment, explore and overcome indecisions, and process your fears of moving forward

What is the $he.E.O. Retreat?

What is the retreat & who is it for?

Who is it for?

Early stage women entrepreneurs facing stagnation or confusion about their next steps.  If you are struggling with one of the following, this retreat is for you:

  • Being overwhelmed and indecision by the amount of work needed to launch or grow  your business.

  • Lack of clarity with your business goals and need steps to achieve them .

  • Distraction and lack of focus due to daily work tasks causing procrastination.

  • Isolation in your entrepreneur journey where you have not been able to connect with like-minded women facing similar challenges

What happens at the retreat?

The retreat is designed to cut through the noise with a structured program.  Our expert coaches and leaders help you prioritize effectively, ensuring what truly moves the needle of your business.  

For those needing clarity, we focus on turning question marks into exclamation points by helping you define clear actionable steps towards your business goals before leaving.

You can expect a serene distraction-free environment where you can concentrate and solely focus on your business like a CEO should.

You will be able to collaborate and work in a community where you can build lasting connections, share challenges, and celebrate success.

Hear from past participants about how the $he.E.O. Retreat transformed their businesses and lives.

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Terri L White

The $he.E.O.

Terri L. White is a seasoned business coach with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a proven track record of building successful enterprises. As the CEO who built a 6-figure business within just two years of its inception, Terri has also launched several other successful businesses. She has a wealth of experience in assisting other business owners with developing daily operational processes and expanding their financial revenue.


Terri is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Human Services at Capella University, further enhancing her expertise in guiding businesses and individuals towards success. With over three decades of experience, she has worked in various settings within non-profits, bringing a unique perspective to her coaching practice.

In addition to her business acumen, Terri is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS). She is the owner of White Diamond Counseling Consulting Coaching, LLC, where she leverages her diverse skill set to help clients achieve their mental wellness.

Terri is also an accomplished author, with publications including "Breaking the Silence" and "From a Mother to a Warrior." She is a dedicated wife of over 30 years, a mother of three, and a proud "Nana."


Investment in your future...

The cost to attend the retreat is $700. There will be a $250 registration to secure your space and will be applied to the total cost. 

The cost covers:

  •  3 days of coaching

  • Welcome party 

  • A mailed welcome box with a t-shirt 

  • All materials and supplies needed for the retreat.

Note that hotel and meals are not included, but participants have the option to use the hotels we have booked.

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Attend the FREE webinar to learn more.

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