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Our Mission

White Diamond Counseling Consulting Coaching, LLC is dedicated to inspire, restore and transform families to a higher level of functioning through serving as a family oriented practice with a team of clinicians who provide a quality innovative approach for individuals, couples and the family.

About Us

Coming to therapy can be a scary experience and frustrating if you have already had a bad experience. There are three important things you need to know before you work with us: 


First, we know that working through problems is not an easy road and the more intense the conflicts the more work there is to be done; therefore, we require a commitment through the process.


Second, we value effective strategies that provides relationship longevity, not a quick fix.


Finally, we see each client in their own uniqueness and will meet you where you are based on your experiences, culture, and value system. If you are a couple who is married/living together, highly conflicted, struggling with parenting issues and dealing with shame and guilt of family dysfunctions, CONTACT US TODAY.

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Terri L. White, LPC, CPCS
Supervisor, Speaker, Trainer

Clinical Supervisor Psychotherapist also available for retreats, private sessions and speaking engagements.

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Are you at a place in your marriage where you feel disconnected, are you numb from the consistent arguing, have you heard the D-word one too many times? If you're ready to stop being roommates and restore the intimacy, try one last time to save your marriage or just get clarity on what you should do then the good news is I can absolutely help you. There is a cost- a cost of time, a cost of vulnerability, a financial investment and a cost of ripping off the band-aid and really getting to the root of what is going on!


Known as "The Marriage Healer" I will only work with couples who are a good fit. Who would be a good fit?  

  • Couples who are ready to invest emotionally in and out of the session

  • Couples who are open to change

  • Couples who are committed to the process 





Visit my Clinical Supervision page to see my approach to training and supervising both interns and post graduates.

Meet the Partners & Clinical Staff


Aloha McGregor, LPC, CCHt, NCC
Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner

Aloha is a Licensed Professional (LPC) and obtained her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. She currently has a Bachelor's in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. Aloha focus is on healing, stabilization and empowerment. She specializes in Hypnotherapy and enjoys working with the church community and introducing mental health. Aloha is a Certified Relationship Counselor through Prepare-Enrich.


Ariel Smith, Pre-Licensed Counselor

Ariel obtained a Master’s in Christian Counseling from Grand Canyon University, and currently under supervision in the state of Georgia.  Ariel is eager to help those who feel there is no way they can help themselves. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing one’s mindset and eventually unpleasant behavior.


Kaela Holt, Pre-Licensed Counselor

Kaela obtained her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Kaela has a career working with children in a variety of settings including schools and homes. She recently has experience working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

IMG_3446 (1).jpg

Shari Ponder, M.A., M. Div, Pre-Licensed Therapist

Shari is a Graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a Masters in Counseling Psychological and a Masters in Div. from Emory University. Shari has over 15 years as a school counselor and has worked in the capacity of pastor, blogger, podcaster, and author. Shari enjoys working with both youth and adults.

Our billing services are provided by JIT Billing Solutions. Please feel free to contact them for any questions you may have about insurance verification, claims submissions or other insurance inquires.

Anicia Cross, NP

We partner with Sona Baile, LLC for clients who need medication management, psychiatric assessments and prescriptions.

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