Our Mission

White Diamond Counseling Consulting Coaching, LLC is dedicated to inspire, restore and transform families to a higher level of functioning through serving as a family oriented practice with a team of clinicians who provide a quality innovative approach for individuals, couples and the family.

About Us

Coming to therapy can be a scary experience and frustrating if you have already had a bad experience. There are three important things you need to know before you work with us: 


First, we know that working through problems is not an easy road and the more intense the conflicts the more work there is to be done; therefore, we require a commitment through the process.


Second, we value effective strategies that provides relationship longevity, not a quick fix.


Finally, we see each client in their own uniqueness and will meet you where you are based on your experiences, culture, and value system. If you are a couple who is married/living together, highly conflicted, struggling with parenting issues and dealing with shame and guilt of family dysfunctions, CONTACT US TODAY...

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Terri L. White, LPC, CPCS

Author, Speaker, Trainer

As a therapist I enjoy working with relationships and watching

the dynamics transform to what God intended it to be.


As a practice owner I strive to ensure all our clinicians provide a quality and innovative approach to our clients. 


I currently attend Capella University to pursue my Doctorate in Human Services/Non-Profit. I am a graduate of Liberty University with a Master's in Professional Counseling. I am a Certified Trainer & Couples Facilitator for Prepare-Enrich a relationship strengthening program.

Meet the Partners

Aloha is obtaining her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. She currently has a Bachelor's in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. Aloha focus is on healing, stabilization and empowerment. She enjoys working with the church community and introducing mental health. Aloha is a Certified Relationship Counselor through Prepare-Enrich.

Aloha McGregor, Intern Lawrenceville & Conyers location

Andrea Price, Intern

Andrea is obtaining her Master's degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Andrea's focus is helping families of substance abuse. Andrea also is experienced with those struggling with depression, crisis, and separation due to divorce. Andrea is a Certified Relationship Counselor through Prepare-Enrich.

Phillip Williams, Intern

William is obtaining his Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. William has experience working with teen boys and a juvenile correction officer. His focus is working with youth men that are being raised in a single parent home.