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Clinical Supervision

Don't wait until after graduation to start interviewing supervisors for post graduate hours. Yes, I said "interviewing". Hiring a supervisor takes time to make sure you and him/her are a good match. Check out a few important factors to consider when hiring a supervisor:

  • They understand they are responsible for your clients as though they are his/her clients.

  • The supervisor will educate you and promote self-care to prevent burnout.

  • The supervisor has goals for supervision and will assist you with identifying your goals.

  • The supervisor will allow you to evaluate them and have a plan for improving their service.

Take a look at what you can expect in my supervision

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Group or Individual Supervision
Tools, Resources,
Experimental Learning

Health Fairs, Community Outreach, Partnerships

Workshop Opportunities

Meet Goals & Celebrate Completion

Connection, Collaboration & Teamwork

Professional Visibility


Andrea Price,
Liberty University

As a Clinical and Mental Health Counselor Intern for White Diamond Counseling, Interning gave me the opportunity to develop a great framework for assisting individuals navigate through life challenges.  Ms. White, owner of White Diamond Counseling, helped me to develop my skill level on the types of therapeutic approaches best suited for my assigned clients.    

Through her trainee workshops, I was able to become more client focused and establish skills in delivering solution focused techniques, utilize cognitive behavioral therapy for younger clients with behavior issues resulting from childhood trauma and grief.  Also, I learned to work well with couples, giving the tools they needed to work through marital discord and families suffering from divorce.   

Olivia Gordon-Thomas,

Grand Canyon University

As I neared the end of my master's program and began looking for a placement for internship/practicum I was a nervous wreck. One of my biggest fear was that wherever I ended up I would be thrown into something I wasn’t sure I was prepared enough for. While I knew all the textbook information, I didn’t feel prepared for the real-life application. After months of searching and being told there were no openings, I emailed White Diamond Counseling and Terri responded immediately. My time with the practice was a blessing and Terri proved to be a wealth of knowledge and was beyond patient when providing feedback and guidance. She is an excellent supervisor; she teaches and demonstrates expertise in the field without judgment. She allows you to go at a comfortable pace as you become more confident in your skills as a therapist. 

Aloha McGregor,

Liberty University

It is my pleasure to recommend Terri L. White as a clinical supervisor for anyone who is completing graduate or post graduate work. I worked with Terri as a Practicum and an Intern student while working towards my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her supervision played an integral role in my not only passing, but in my ability to excel in my course work. The training I received was beneficial to my overall experience and preparation for assisting clients in ways that the course work alone would not have equipped me for.


As a supervisee, while in school, the relationship with Terri was such that I chose to continue the relationship while completing my post graduate hours as an APC working towards full licensure.

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